This Cat Is Caught Red-handed, I Can’t Help Laughing When… Got To See This!


Ever thought that cats are some sweet little devils who can either make us laugh or give us unexpected surprises too.

I have known of cats who feel guilty upon doing something silly, but here is one who doesn’t even when he clearly knows that he has stolen the favorite dog’s toy!

Just to add taste on the funny tricks of cats, some spoof about life with the cats was made by Aaron’s Animals comedy group.

“When You Don’t Finish Your Plate,” is a video where a cat gets on his master’s table and begins to munch his owner’s salad.

The cat puts on a guilty face upon the surfacing of the owner. Seeing that the owner is not in good moods with it, leaping off the table like a ninja to the nearby bucket, to act as a hideout is the only decision. The best part is towards the end when the cat resembles a professional spy ready to conquer the universe!

Whether real or fake, it is a video for entertainment purposes and no one can deny that it isn’t funny. All cat owners will surely have a laugh.

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When you don't finish your plate By Aaron's Animals

Posted by Young Paperboyz on Thursday, June 25, 2015

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