The Crowd Is Blown Away When The Homeless Man Takes The Mic. What A Talent!


Though Doug Seegers is in his sixties, it was until recently that he made a major milestone with his talent as a singer. He has spent 17 years living and playing music within the streets of Tennessee. That happened until 2012 when his fellow friend and musician posteda video on YouTube of a song he wrote by the tittle “Going Down To The River.”

Since the video’s posting, it has become so popular and famous singers like Magnus Carlson and Jill Johnson have teamed up with Seegers to liven up the original song. With this kind of talent, this man deserves a decent place to live. You can make him famous if you only consider spreading the word!

It’s great to note that the talent that Doug possesses is being recognized and experienced professionals within the musical industry are assisting him spread it to the whole world.
He surely deserves the kind of attention he is getting at the moment. Please SHARE this amazing performance!

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