What This Deer Did To Thank This Woman For Saving Him Will AMAZE You! WOW!


This video is about an animal that came into the hearts of a family. The clip is taken from a National Geographic video about the animal that aired on their show. This animal was a deer that was found at a young age, blind and dying. The poor thing was malnourished and in need of a lot of support. The family that found her happened to take her to Melanie Butera a Veterinarian that nursed her back to health. The sound you hear in the video is her voice reading from a book on the subject over what happened to this poor deer.

The deer now has a family, lives in the house with Melanie Butera and her husband, and has its own room. A little spoiled for a deer, but since they are as smart as dogs it fits right in. The deer is named Dillie, and in the clip, you will also see the husband talk and spoil the deer a little. Dillie will also walk up and down the steps in the house, taking them slowly since she can’t see where she is going and must rely on feel and memory. Dillie is a loved member of the family, and was given a second chance on life by this wonderful couple.

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