The Dog’s Reaction When This Little Boy Crawls On Top Of Him? CUTE!


People have been companions with dogs for centuries, but there are few things more precious than seeing kids interact with their beloved pets. One little boy loves his dog so much that they’re definitely best friends. It’s rare to see a young child have such a close relationship with an animal, but these two don’t share an ordinary friendship. Watch and see how this boy and his pet bond together — it’s so cute, you’ll definitely want to share the clip!

Joshua and Toby are a little boy and golden retriever who spend the day playing away. Outside, they venture around the yard and play games. When the boy finds a stick for his animal, the real fun begins. Toby chews on it, he and Joshua roll in the grass a bit, and then Toby lets the boy sit on his back while they rest. They’re not down for long, and soon Joshua and Toby are back up and playing again. If you’re an animal fan, you won’t want to miss this video.

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