Enjoying Life To The Fullest Is What This Horse Is Doing! This is Why!


You have the chance of meeting “Archy,” the horse.  He has always called “Rocking Horse Ranch,” his home and enjoyed life to the fullest. That is the ranch that houses big animals that have been rescued from neglect, abuse and other related issues. Archy has some intestinal complications and as a result has his own way of relieving intestinal pressure since he cannot do it normally like others. Whether you are a horse lover or not, you won’t fail to recognize the amazing things that Archy is capable of. As revealed by the ranch’s staff, he always makes them laugh and it’s hard to recognize the troubles he is going through. This guy has enough life to keep him going!

Those who posted this video online revealed that no editing or additional sound effects were added and thus it’s completely natural. To ensure you get to all its original sound effects, turning on your speakers is recommended. Give your kids enough reason to laugh by letting them watch this!

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