Ever Seen A Kitten Dance To A Song? What This One Does Will Surprise You!


This song “Uptown Funk” by mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, seem to be everywhere one goes. The funny thing is that apart from humans dancing to the song, cats too have entered the race!

Here is a small adoptive kitten by the name of Winnie, who gets dancing wherever she hears the hit song being played. Her foster parents decided to offer us this spectacular moment when they recorded her!

It is surely a wonderful video as the little kitten gets out her head to pop to the rhythm. It is known that the little cat is following a toy, but it is so wonderful to watch, as it makes one want to dance too. The best part is at mark 45 when the kitten really gets down to the floor as Bruno sings, “I’m too hot!”

There are many versions of this hit song “Uptown Funk,” like the wedding bash which left everyone mouth open at the reception, but this one of the kitten really touches me because the owners use the hit to get the kitten adopted.

What do you think about this wonderful kitten? Would you adopt it after taking a look at the footage? Leave your comments in the section below, and don’t forget to SHARE this video to all your friends to help find a home for the kitten!

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