He Goes To Check On A Deer Struck By A Car, And Then This Happens. This Guy Is An Angel!


It’s May, 2014, and a deer has just been struck by a car in Minnesota. However, you might think there’s nothing special with this one, considering that almost a million deer get hit by cars each year. You’re very wrong!

When this happened, Bill, a landscaper, went over to check on the animal. He knew the deer was dead, but things changed when he saw something moving in her belly. She was pregnant!

This is what you call a miracle. The deer was dead but her kid was alive in her womb. Bill knew he had to do something, so he used his box cutter to deliver the baby deer right there and then, on the roadside.

He then had to drive to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville, about 30 miles away. He sure did, and the young deer was taken to Polly Rixe for rehabilitation.

It could take a full summer to fully rehabilitate and integrate a rescued animal back into the wild, and baby deer will be ready soon.

Watch this clip as the small deer happily takes some milk from a bottle and walks around. If you think Bill did the right thing, please SHARE this and let’s give him some recognition!


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