A Granny’s Singing Floors The Audience And The Judges, This Was unexpected!


Here is a video of a granny who shocks her audience. Many did not expect her to sing the song leave alone mentioning the words.
Kelly Fox version of The All Purpose Blues Bandsong “Kiss My A** Baby”, left the judges surprised. The old woman first words were “enough to leave the judges baffled. Her performance was among the few surprising acts during the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.
She also discussed how she became a singer fit a talent show after working for many years as a stripper.

Kelly Fox was a finalist in the New Faces talent show held in the 1980s. A comedian by profession, she had brief stints in various nightclubs during her early days. An interview with a certain TV station reveals that she was popular and men would always chase after her. She was however grateful to her husband who supported her career despite the frustrations she got performing for men.

Kelly’s story is similar to Ray Jessel. The judges found the old man’s composition funny and inappropriate for his age. The two instances show that you can still have fun irrespective of your age.
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