There Is No Groom As Dad Walks His Daughter Down The Aisle Reason? This Made Me Cry!


On the wedding day, a father has a very important role to play with his daughter. From when they both walk down the aisle, to the moment he gestures her extraordinarily with sign language like the Dad you’re about to meet. Every bride cannot forget those memories that were heartwarming and intangible on that big day.

Emily Campbell was scared that her father who is suffering from breast cancer at its fourth stage- would miss her wedding in October. Thus, the Norton Cancer Institute prepared a special ceremony for the lady and her father. On the previous weekend, Hugh Campbell, had his wish fulfilled by walking his daughter down the aisle.

Friends and family in attendance were in tears, as the father and daughter walked down the aisle and did the father-daughter dance as is tradition. The groom was the only thing missing from the pre-wedding ceremony. Emily did not want her fiancé, Anthony to see her until October in her wedding dress.

For seven years, Hugh, who has been battling cancer, has always prayed that he makes it to his daughter’s wedding. All he wished for was the ability to hold back his disease a little bit longer.

According to Emily, the biggest fan, she needed to see at her wedding ceremony was her father!
It’s evident that the two are proud of each other and they can’t manage to hide it from one another.

This is family that needed your prayers. What are your thoughts about it?

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