This Guy Was Hired To Clean The Misty’s Pen, When He Entered? Hilarious!


I burst out laughing while I was watching this video. I am not really sure what to say about Llama. From what the title suggests, I wonder if he is either angry or she is in love. Whichever the case, whatever happens in this clip is totally funny and I have it in mind that most people would agree with me the moment they get to watch this clip.
This wonderful videotape was captured in Maryland at the Tri State Zoo. We get to see Animal Bytes TV producer called Brian Barczyk and he happens to be a Zookeeper for the first time in his life. I am sure this guy never knew this job would be very difficult as we realize.Unfortunately, Barczyk first job was to clean up the cage of a Misty 4 year-old Llama traversed with an alpaca. I bet this is one of the prettiest animals on the planet.

I know most the people reading this post right now are probably anxious because they want to see how it all went down. Watch this video to see what happens the moment Barczyk enters the misty’s pen.

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