He Had A Harsh Childhood, And Now This Is What He Does Behind The Piano To Spread The Word Of God. WOW!


Nothing is permanent as life is full of surprises. You may find that today you are at a better or worse situation and later the opposite happens. For instance, we have been witnesses of very many people who had a very bad childhood beginning but finally they end up with a cool life that even themselves never thought of. The secret to this is maintaining the focus and dedication. This is what happens exactly in the video below.

One of the people who really experienced hardship when they were young is Jordan Smith. His childhood was filled with problems making him to lead a life full of low self-esteem. This never was to happen forever as change appeared on him when he started participating in The Voice.  This auditioning made him regain the lost confidence in him. Not only does he do it for himself, he is also helping every soul in the world that has lost hope.

In the clip below, we witness him playing the piano while praising the Almighty God with the song entitled “Great Thy Faithfulness.”

Watch him as he spreads the message of love and confidence in the clip below, and let us know if he made your day by his words of motivation. Please SHARE this clip to all your family and friends on Facebook!


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