He Sets The Pup On The Beach And Runs Away. Now Watch Who Shows Up To The Left.


All babies are precious, and many animals feel the same way we do. This otter baby was lost. When people, a few otter enthusiasts, tried to find his parents, the otter family hid, instead. Because they did not want to leave him alone, the baby otter was taken back to the clinic. The group of otter enthusiasts cared for him for a week. They named him ZooToby while he was in their care.A week later, the people decided to try again. ZooToby was taken back to the area where his family had last been seen. Otters don’t travel far from where they make their homes, so this part was easy. One man took him to a deserted part of the beach, and then he opened the cage door. ZooToby came outand seemed to be a little bit afraid. The man quickly walked away, and ZooToby began crying, small yips,which could be heard for some distance. The people hid behind bushes and rocks. ZooToby felt abandoned all over again and began to really cry for someone to come get him. He was very young when this happened.All of a sudden, ZooToby’s family came to his rescue. They recognized his cries. They came running to him, looking around for any people. They could tell that people were nearby, so they rushed off with ZooToby, some of them even trying to pick him up by the nape of his neck like a mother cat does her kittens. They were soon joined by other otters. They seemed to be very happy that ZooToby had returned, and did not want to lose him again.

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