A Herd Of Elephants Passes Before The Tourists, Now Watch What The Small Calf Does Next. Adorable!


When people record something cool, they bring it online, and we all like it!

That’s why this video is particularly interesting. Two tourists went out to watch the wild animals, and they went backwith amemory so cool that we had to share with everybody!

In the video, there’s a small calf following the herd of elephants, and he gets somewhere and just collapses. Before you gasp, you need to know that this little one is actually having some fun scratching his back and rolling on the dirty ground.

His parents are the most patient you canthink of for an animal, and they just wait for him to finalize his memorable “me-time” and get back on the journey.

Some people will say that that’s a calf’s way of throwing tantrums, but most of us will think that this small elephant just makes our hearts feel some love. The video even has “Banana Boat Song,” by Harry Belafonte, as the background song. Just great!

Elephants use dirt on their bodies to protect themselves from the scotching sun, so we can as well decide that this is a really smart calf.

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