Hikers Come Across An Adorable Lost Baby Deer, What Follows? So Heart-Melting!


If you live in the rural areas, it common to see animals frequenting your backyard. A deer is one of those animals that fall under that category. I believe I’m not the only one who wishes to have a “pet” deer. The clip below presents an adorable moment that supports my wish.

The woman who is off-screen reveals that they were having a walk when they heard some movement. At first, they thought it was a fox until they spotted a tiny fawn who seemed to have wandered away from his mother. From the look of things, the little deer was hungry and maybe had got lost while looking for something to eat.

The man gets concerned and gives the little creature some water and tries his best to shake him off. The fawn is not ready to leave and what follows is one of the most adorable moments. What does this adorable moment remind you about?

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