He Was Hit By A Car But No One Cared About Him, What This Man Did? I’m In Tears!


Humanity defines who we are as human beings and our conscience in doing what is noble, good and just not just to other fellow human beings but to animals as well.
This act is clearly demonstrated by a noble gentleman called Wilson Martins Coutinho who rescued a sick puppy that was abandoned at the roadside. The man felt sorry for the dog and brought in a box and a warm blanket and picked the poor dog from the streets. He went ahead to do the same for the other homeless animals that he found abandoned and without homes. Some were very hurt and injured due to the harsh conditions that they were exposed to.

Others were so thin and weak due to lack of food and for the poor pig that he found hurt along the garbage, he picked it up and even offered it his shirt. He has come to the rescue of so many needy helpless animals. He later takes them in, provides food and shelter for them and help them live a normal life. What an act of humanity!

What do you think?