A Home Abandoned For More Than A Decade. TheReason? Frightening!


Most of us have heard crazy stories about homes that have been abandoned though I consider this one to be very unique.This weird clip shows a cottage that was left by its owners more than ten years ago. This particular home has not been lived or visited since the owners left.

Most people call it the crooked cottage. This home is found in the UK and it has a double bed inside it. People call it crooked since it has its foundations eroded. This video is going to expose what is known about the unusual crooked cottage. People say that an old woman used to live in this home together with her father until he died in the early seventies. The daughter then continued living there until 2003.
Tony the photographer discovered what had been left inside the house and he also found a calendar that dates back to 1956.  He also found some other items that reveal more about the family, which used to live in this crooked cottage. The cottage had been kept secret for a long time since the surrounding elements seemed to be reclaiming the home. I think you need to watch this!

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