This Hunter Does This To Two Orphaned Fawns…Unbelievable!


He could’ve just roasted them for lunch, butHalvorSveen–the best hunter in all of Norway – didn’t do that.

Think about a change of heart, and you’ll understand why this guy couldn’t leave these two small fawns behind. For a long time, this man has been hunting and feasting on wild meat, but when he bumped into two desperate fawns, he decided to adopt them in instead!

He even named them Tott and Knoll, such lovely names for such cute animals. And he didn’t stop there. Halvor sees to it that the two have had their 8 daily meals before he rests. The animals aren’t cold-hearted, and you’ll know that when you see them following him everywhere and even cuddling with his dog, Hunter.

Currently, the babies live with Halvor, even sleeping in his bedroom, and they’re growing so fast. After sometime, they’ll be moved to a more permanent home in a wild preserve away from predators.

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One of Norway’s best-known hunters, Halvor Sveen, has adopted two fawns after their mother died.

Posted by CBC News on Monday, June 22, 2015

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