Judges Surprised by a 12 Year Old Despite Stopping Him From Singing


Shaheen Jafargholi, a 12 year aged kid had a scare of his life when he was stopped from singing by one of the judges. You see, this was not his very first time to sing as he had previously sung in different occasions such as wedding parties and many others.

This was the day he had taken the stage ready to make both his and mum’s dreams come true. To the surprise of his fans, a renowned critic, Simon Cowell stopped his music and said his performance did not meet the needed standards. Instead of running away and crying, Jafargholi did something increadible!
He picked another song and blew the crowd away! When Cowell had the chance of commenting he had to say the following… ‘’This is how one song can change can change your life… and this may be the start of something special for you young man.’’
This is why you need to have a second option in everything you take part in!

Source: SpiritmanProductions

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