Want To Know Why Your Cat Lords Over You? Here’s The Explanation. Baffling!


You wake up one day to find your little cat sleeping on the computer keyboard, and then you turn around and notice that the little animal has also peed on and even scratched your new furniture. You decide to rest for a while, and then the little sucker walks over and rubs its butt on your face. What a provocative little creature!

Now you’re thinking, “maybe I should just get rid of this cute nuisance.” Well, before you pull through with that threat, there are a few surprising facts you might want to understand. You see, in the cat world, the weirdest stuff may turn out to be the best things that could happen to you!

It’s all true. When a cat does some of the stuff mentioned here, it’s not because the cutie wants to upset you, but rather a show of its affection to you and the need to familiarize with the new stuff in the house – remember that new furniture the cat peed on?

What do you think?