You Will Be Surprised When You Learn Why Thousands Of Deer Walk Down This City!


Though it is always expected in a number of places over the world that animals are supposed to keep off the road, it is normal from time to time to get an unexpected surprise.

Contrary to most parts of the world, animals have the freedom of roaming wherever they want in most Asian countries. One Japanese city named Nara is a good example! The deer population within Nara is quite high and it has made commuters experience a lot of problems. Those using vehicle, bicycles and different forms of movement highly feel the presence of these animals.

It is not clear why these animals love going to the center of the city. Some think they are looking for food but as revealed by one local legend, it is believed that a white deer was used by god Takemikazuchi when he came to the newly built Heijo-kyo’s capital to guard it. That is the reason why people do not dare touching them since they consider them to be protectors and holy animals of the emperor.

They say you have to see in order to believe… that is more reason to watch this video. Ever imagined your own hometown filled with wild animals? Uncontrollable it the word!

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