A Lion in a Trap, What a Thing to Catch! Completely Stunning!


When the camera showed what was inside the trap, I almost dropped my jaws. What fierce wild animal to catch. Justin had gone to check what might be in the trap as it was their routine. They have a habit of catching wild animals looking at them after which they finally release them back into the bush. I do not really support what they were doing but that’s not what the video is about.

Normally, they catch smaller animals like foxes that are not harmed by the trap. Unlike the other days, Justin saw a mountain lion inside the trap and this shocked him. The lion was very furious and prepared to attack as soon as possible.

Justin’s wife grabbed the camera and went to the car for safety while pointing the trap to the lion. He wanted to lift the trap’s door to enable the lion to escape. This would have made him avoid causing harm to anything or anyone. Other trappers could have shot the animal.

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Justin had his wife grab the camera and head to the safety of their car while she pointed it at the trap. His plan


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