The Little Girl Has The Best Christmas Gift When She Makes Her Wish To Santa. This Left Me In Tears!


Our brave brothers and sisters at the military find it extremely rough over the festive season since for most of them, it is almost impossible to reunite with their families for the celebrations. Their family members also go through the same; especially their young ones.

When I learnt the Christmas wish of one girl which was aired by CNN, I couldn’t hold back my tears.  Kensley Penney is three years of age and has been good over this year.

Her father, Sgt. Scott Penney who is an army by profession has been away for some time and the little girl has been praying for him to be reunited with the family over the festive season.
Though you and I know how hard it’s for the father to be home, this baby is not going to lose hope on her wish. When she sings a song dedicated to Santa to bring her dad home, I am made to shed tears. She has missed her father a big deal and when she gets the chance of sitting on the lap of Santa, the first thing she does it to make her wish. She is never aware that Santa has some trick cooking within his sleeve.

My heart melts when she meets her dad after turning around. Surely, this little angel deserves this true holiday surprise.

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