This Made Dad To Capture Her Daughter While Full Of Tears! You Will Be Surprised When You Discover Why!


At two years of age, baby Raegan can’t hold back her tears when she watches sad movies. Sometimes back, she was overcome by emotion while watching “Chipmunk Adventure’’. The storyline of this movie is a baby penguin who is being taken care of byChipettes after getting separated from the mother.

These adorable results were captured by Raegan’s father once he noted the way his compassionate daughter reacts to emotional scenes.  He set up a camera which secretly recorded her reaction while watching these cartoons.

Within this video, once the Chipettes discover that the little penguin is lost, they attempt to reunite the baby with the mother by heading to Antarctica. All the way they sing “My Mother”. This makes Raegan to shed tears and her lips to quiver. The happy ending of the story film the sweet little girl to burst into tears of happiness. Amazing!!

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