Not Many Expected What These Little Girls Did When They Walked Onto The Stage. Wow!


In most cases, it’s the small things that end up delivering the biggest ultimate gift. That is better illustrated once you watch this movie.

Here, a duet that comprises of two sisters is singing “Without You,” a song that Harry Nilsson popularized, but was written by one British rock group known as Badfinger. Anastasia Petryk and Viktoria come from Ukraine and at such a young age, they surprised many by their incredible vocal range. They showed a lot of glamour and technicality which can be matched to that of Mariah Carey.

We are not new to young talents within the music industrythat have recently hit the ground running. I hope you rememberGermany’s The Voice where Jasmin and Richard incredibly performed “All of Me,” by John Legend or the talented kid, Alexa Curtis, who performed Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” That is enough to show us that real talent is independent of age.

The Petryk sisters are no exception. They have that “special” thing that makes you to keep on watching and listening. Their performance is something true music fans will be appreciated watching.

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