Mom Has Something To Say To The Bear Roaming Her Backyard, You Can’t Believe It!


A big black bear kept coming back to their yard until the Grillo family got spooked.

In this part of the US, black bears are more common, and they are known to be less aggressive and less dangerous than other types of bears.

Although these creatures are more afraid of humans than humans are afraid of them, they can be tempted to cause harm especially when food is involved. If a bear comes across humans, it makes sure it doesn’t come down the same path again, but things can change if it’s hungry and there a possibility of getting food in the area where the humans are. That’s why you should take steps to dispose of your waste food and other stuff properly when you go camping in the woods.

When Mrs.Grillo got angry with this bear, she didn’t even care about the risk she was taking. She had had enough of the bear’s intrusions!

Watch this video and catch your breath as the big bear comes along to her porch, and then get startled when she starts yelling at the animal. I practically dropped off my seat laughing!

If you were her, what would you do? Contact animal control? Scold the bear? Tell us!

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