This Mutual Relationship Will Surely Shock You. Unbelievable!


Not all the times we human beings end up setting the right example. In this following video, we clearly learn a lesson from this little duck who decides to do the unexpected when least expected!

All comes to a start when a little duck appears to be submerging something into a pond filled with fish of the Koi type. The fish seem to be in a constant jumping over each other, on a feeding fury, when we notice this little duck giving away his own rice to the hunger stricken fish!

You would easily confuse this offering of rice to the fish to wetting his own rice before eating it up himself, until you notice that this sweet little duck is just but interested in his hungry fish friends. It seems that he is decided to see into that all the fish have eaten something.

There seems to be a mutual understanding between the two parts, although the fish seem to be bigger than the little duck. The fish are fed by the duck, while at the same time they are thankful to their friend the duck. This gets us to understand how important all friends are, however different they may seem from us.

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