A Neglected Bulldog Was Stripped From Her Puppies And Left To Die. But Watch This…”


This video tells the sad story of Rosebud an English bulldog who was abandoned by her owners after giving birth to a litter of puppies. When she was first rescued she had a lot of health problems; she was very skinny and stressed. She also had worms and parasites. Rosebud had chewed the end of her tail off due to stress and also had patches on her fur where she was over grooming. The vet said that it was obvious that Rosebud had had lots of litters of puppies during her life time. It’s thought that she was abandoned because she was too malnourished to breed from any more.

However there is hope in this story. Rosebuds foster carer rescued her from the ‘red list’ she was hours away from being put to sleep. Rosebud is now thriving,she is much healthier and is enjoying being someone’s pet and going for walks. Rosebud finally has the care and attention that she desperately needs in her life.

Many people who get a dog don’t consider adopting one. Hopefully this video will encourage more people to adopt a neglected or abused animal.

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