I Never Expected This From The Animal When The Couple Were Offering Help!


We still have good people left out there!

A deer was found tangled up to Christmas lights by the Valentine family in the backyard. His leg and antlers were wrapped up a thing that rendered the poor deer helpless and frightened.

What this couple did, not everyone could have considered doing the same. Rescuing the deer was not an easy job and they did not just stop there; they went an extra mile until their goal was accomplished. Relating with the scared poor meant being personal and close to it while at the same time risking their lives.

The response of the deer touched me a great deal. He was tentative and fully aware of the difference the help they were offering was making. You have to watch this to see how he is very cooperative while being helped. When they are through, they free him and take a snap of the gorgeous and grateful animal.

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