A New Bride Left Alone On The Dance Floor By Her Husband! What Followed Seconds Later Seconds Stunned The Guests.


Shortly after they first met, Rachel’s present husband who was at a certain time a salsa dancing instructor convinced her to learn the dance. Since then, they have developed a natural connection by dancing together and when the right time for exchanging their vows came, it naturally came from deep within them.

As reported by the bride, they had always looked forward to having unforgettable wedding and that was why they decided to add some unique touch to it. Their performance was inviting and made some of their party members to join in; others responded by singing along the song they were dancing to. This was a precious moment! When their dance finished the Black Eyed Peas song – The Time (Dirty Bit) was played and this transition was a perfect ending of the reception – all guests, virtually all, were all over the dance floor to offer them support and welcome the long awaiting night.

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