He Was Offering These Ladies Free Makeovers. What He Did? So Priceless!


This is a video I have watched a number of times and every time I watch it, everything appears new and funnier.

I have always liked heading to the cosmetics area whenever I visit the department store.  The free quick touch-up offered by their talented staff is what interests me. Within this video, mall shoppers are given a surprise to remember when one man with a kit of cosmetics offers them free makeovers. Then this happens to the unsuspecting shoppers… you have to watch this to discover!

I like the part in which the customers decide to use the mirror so as to see how they look. This could have made me so angry. Very, very mad!

The guys from “Just For Laughs,” were out to create fun and decided to pull out this prank. All in all, these ladies’ looks never disappointed in creating the intended fun!

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