Owner Ignores Euthanizing His Sickling Horse. See Him Now A Year Later… I’m Surprised!


Roozer “Roo” Brewz is a horse who was born in 2011, in Kansas City. Actually, he measures 19 inches and has got some health complications. He has a serious angular limb disorder and some tendon laxity on both legs, which makes it hard for him to stand and move. In addition to that, he has “windswept” legs because of his position while still in the womb.

He practically was unable to rise up to his feet, but because his owners are so loving and caring, they never left him alone. They made sure he took his milk by bottle feeding him, and perform all that they could for him to carry a normal horse life.

His owner who is called Christine said that they returned home and began doing soul finding when they were advised to euthanize him. She sat at the field and stared at Roo running around with all his legs bandaged. She said that she respected the opinion of the veterinary and if she was to oppose it, she had to be ready for the consequences.

Watch the video below to see how Roo managed to grow in a year by undergoing hardship to becoming a living survivor. Please if you love horses, SHARE the clip to all your Facebook friends!

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