When Owner Questions Her Dogs To Solve The Puzzle, One Of Them Does This… I Can’t Stop Laughing!


I never knew that dogs too can be very cunning like their cousin the fox, until I saw the following clip. In the video, we meet two dogs of which one of them ate some cookies that the owner left at the table. When she paraded them for questioning, one of the dog by the name of Harley who was the culprit put all the blame to his sister Wiloa. I bet that I never knew that they were capable of this!

The owner of the dogs, Alex Hutchinson, posted the video on July 1, 2014 and it has received many views. According to her, the two dogs are the key motivators of her firm known as Bark Badges. While describing the dogs, she said that Wiloa was a caring and lovely pet who would easily socialize, while Harley was a stubborn one.

On her website, she said that she started working with dogs at Canine Companions since 2003. Her aim was to see that the two dogs would one day become service dogs of which her dreams never came true because of their behavior of loving food too much. Even though they never became service dogs, Alex usually goes with them to the CCI so that they can play and swim at the pond.

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