What This Priest Does While At The Grocery Will Definitely Crack Your Ribs. Watch This!


Your heart must be the coldest ever if this does not make you laugh!

It’s almost certain that when a person from the church needs help almost everyone will be willing to help. The reasoning is, there are people who have dedicated their lives selflessly helping others and thus helping them is not a big deal. It will take a bold person to deny them a simple favor!

We are not new to these kinds of stories – I hope you remember the nun who requested strangers to assist her carry her impossibly heavy luggage by using “God’s strength.” Today, guys from Just For Laughs are testing people randomly to see whether they can help a needy priest who is at the grocery store.

Since this priest is doing something you’ll not expect from one, many are surprised by his request. You will be shocked when you discover what the priest is trying to buy – condoms. The way various people react to his request is so funny.

What if you got involved in such a prank? As for me, I’m not sure what I could have done if I was the one faced with such a situation.

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