He Pulled Out His Guitar In The Subway, And Then This Guy Stopped And Pulled This Before The Crowd. So Awesome!


Something happened, and now everyone has a good talk about it. It all started in a subway, just as the streets were normal and people were passing by, and then this happened.

So it happened that one nice Damiyr loves guitars, and on this occasion, the lovely guy hadn’t forgotten to bring one with him. So the ‘stringing’ powers got to him, and Damiyr found himself with a great urge to pull out the guitar and ‘nail’ something out of it. People had to stop!

They had to. The tune was too nice to pass by, but one guy decided that he wasn’t stopping. Brandon Gray didn’t want to just stop to listen. He wanted to dance to the tune, and that’s exactly what the nice young man did.

But nobody expected this guy to pull such moves as you’ll get to witness in this great video. You’llhave no choice but to throw this man some thumbs ups. You just can’t let this pass!

Watch every second of it and get impressed. You might even feel like joining the dancing Gray. You must want to SHARE this!


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