See How The Cat Reunited With His Pal, Just Wait To See Who It Was!


South Africa is the headquarters for international primate rescue. It currently contains more than one hundred primates as well as some two fennec foxes. These foxes have tiny bodies and big ears. These type foxes are small, nocturnal, and they are only found in the Sahara. Their ears, coat, as well as the kidney functions, have acclimatized to the dry and hot desert environment. Their hearing is very sensitive to the point that they can hear the underground movement of a pray. In this video you will see something funny, the four fennec Cubs are taking a bath.

Rupert was brought at the IPR when he was just four weeks old. As time went by, he bonded with the female friend Roxy. Surprisingly, there is another animal Rupert loves so much, and it’s none other than his best friend cat William. In this video, you will see how William and Rupert reunite. What a beautiful moment!

I know it sounds quite unusual since William is a domestic cat, and yet he is a very great friend of Rupert. As for me, it never crossed my mind that such animals would become great friends.

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