He Seems To Be A Usual Bird, But When He Starts Chirping, Just Watch Out!


After so many years, anxiety still ran all over my body whenever I hear the theme song by the star wars. What about you?

As I grew up, I learnt that the original series and future incidents has taken this wonderful story to another level. I can confidently say that am not very excited for the story to go on: In the seventh episode, in the late 2015 the forces rose.Most of the star wars fans these days come out of the carpentry in all sizes and shapes.

It has never crossed my mind that I could find the best viral video, Star Wars- theme until when I came across this video that is about a small boy who received a response after writing to George Lucas himself. Nevertheless, not all fans belonging to Han Solo, Princess Leia, George Skywalker, together with the other members of the team are human.

Now we can see a gorgeous, tiny, white and blue parakeet who seems to always chirping. I would have been absolutely driven crazy if in any case I had a noisy parakeet, but here there is an exemption. This little bird besides looking like everybody’s best robot (no crime to C-3PO), the only R2-D2, also he can “speak” the same way he does in films.

I can’t tire to watch this from time to time, so nice. I hope it touched you too.

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