She’s Live On National TV, And Then She Does This Infront Of Everyone. What A Person!


Any human who knows one Emily Ann Roberts will tell you how nice this lady is, and that can’t ever be disputed after this. You want to know, and you have to know!

So good Ann went on stage to do a nice performance on The Voice, and the show was aired live on the national television. Now, Ann loves the Lord, and she is that kind of a person who just follows her heart and the love of whatever she feels is good in the eyes of God.

That’s why this great video has gone viral. During this show, Ann sang a really lovely hymn, ‘In The Garden,’ and she did it justice in a way that you’ll find both touching and ingenious. You’ll agree to the obvious fact that Ann did throw a great performance. This will touch you in a deep way!

Now you want to hit that button and watch this lovely video to the last mark. Feel the Lord’s glory flow as this legendry singer embarks on this blessed action in praising the Lord. You’ll want to join in, and then you’ll want to SHARE this with everyone on Facebook!

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