She’s Moved Upon Hearing The Crowd Sing Her Song, What Will Happen If It’s Sang 100 Times?


In most cases, songs do create a mood for an occasion. The songs do depict the mood and feelings of the singer. What Adele does upon listening to his lyrics is amazing. This is contrary to the expectations. The audience is the one supposed to be caught up by the mood and feelings but it happening the other round.

Adele, a singer for the song, “Someone likeYou”had her first performance shot at the Royal Albert Hall on September 22, 2011. The song had there before been spread to many. For instance, in July 2011 the song got certified five times in the United States and also became highest selling in the UK. Her performance was great at the live concert and was recorded. Since then, she earned herself great reviews and celebrity.The song, “SomeonelikeYou” is all about her life encounters.She goes further describing her broken relationship she went through. Adele was familiar with the song and had sang it before many times but, this single day the song took control of her. She could not hold her tears back anymore.

At the live concert, Adele started the song and everyone at the hall was behind her. The crowd let out melodious a sound in unison. When she let the crowd to take over with the singing, she broke into tears.

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