This Single Mom Didn’t Expect This When The Stranger Requested Her To Step Outside! She Is Left In Tears!


Random acts of humanity that are full of inspiration have been common within the previous year. Restoration of faith in humanity in the year we’ve just started is what this story is emphasizing on.

Kenya Green has been experiencing financial hardships over the past few years. The youngest child of the single mom was diagnosed with epilepsy upon starting experiencing seizures a thing that made her quit her job. So as to save on money and provide for her family, she was forced to sell her car and move in with her father. She was left speechless over the weekend when she was given a gift she least expected.

A “Secret Santa” was waiting for green to open the door and gave her a 2006 white Ford Taurus. The car was of the same color and model to the one she had sold sometimes back! She couldn’t believe that someone was capable of giving her such a present and was filled with a lot of gratitude. It can’t be any better than to discover that some people care over this festive season.

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