Sleeping passengers on a plane wake up and a lifetime surprise welcomes them


When passengers boarded West Jet, they expected nothing out of the ordinary during their flight. WestJet offers discounted airfares and cheap travel packages for their clients

Lucky passengers who boarded two Calgary-bound flights had a conversation with Santa before hopping on the flight.

Children asked for the usual pleasantries. One asked for the “choo-choo“train, and another wanted an Android tablet. Mom and dad asked for a big TV.

The adults played along with charade giving the kids a chance to talk to Santa. Unknown to them, there was a big surprise waiting for them when they landed.

A group of bona fide elves diligently purchased the holiday items for the unsuspecting passengers. When the families arrived at the destinations, the looks on their faces was priceless. Everyone received whatever they had asked for.

Richard Bartem, WestJet VP, says that their culture is about being fun, friendly, and caring.

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