She Slept With Plastic Wrap And Bandages On Her Stomach – What Happened In The Morning Was Nothing Short Of A Miracle


Seaweed lotion and plastic wrap… who would have thought?

#1 Lotion.

“After three births, my stomach was no longer flat and attractive. I was persuaded by a friend to buy seaweed lotion, plastic wrap and bandages, to achieve weight loss” – says Coleen. First she applied some lotion on her stomach.


#2 Plastic wrap.

Then she wrapped it with plastic wrap. Snug but not tight. Remember, you’ll have it on all night!


#3 Bandage.

Finally, she wrapped it all up with a long bandage, to keep the wrap in place.


#4 This could happen.

“When I got up, I took off the bandages and wrap and measured my waist. I was in shock. I lost 2.5 inches during one night” -said Coleen, delighted with the results. This method helps your body release water that’s retained due to weather or food consumption. The combination of lotion and plastic helps sweat it out of you. But you have to help it with exercise and diet, of course.

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