Soldier saves drowned puppy using the Modified Heimlich Technique


It is crucial to know some life- saving technique like the Heimlich. Those who know the tactic know how effective it is. Did you know you can use the technique on humans and animals alike?

One Thai soldier saved a drowning puppy. The little puppy appeared lifeless. The soldier shook the tiny puppy vigorously as he pressed it against his chest. He even gave the pup CPR.

For a moment, all hope was lost. Four minutes later, the little pup starts breathing again. The soldier wrapped the puppy in a blanket, did CPR, and breathed some life into him.

When the pup regains consciousness, the man lifts him up to the camera lens to prove he is breathing.

Thanks to the modified Heimlich procedure, the helpless puppy survived the ordeal.

Watch the intriguing footage belowand appreciate the soldier’s efforts. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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