This Stray Dog Had Nothing To Live For, When They Came Along? I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing!


Just at the road side, a stray dog lay curled in a form of a ball.  His body was full of mange and he had completely lost hope in life. The pain in his body got worse whenever he scratched it, or tried to run away.

He seemed to be waiting for death to take him away, as he never even lifted his head when an ambulance with the rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited parked besides him. Upon taking him to the rescue home, they discovered that he had been abandoned a long time ago, as he would shiver and tremble when somebody would give him a massage. But with time, the pain began to reduce.

His skin managed to get cured after 10 days of medication. After two months elapsed, there was a total change in him, both sentimentally and physically, as you can’t recognize if it’s the same dog that is at the start of the clip.
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