This Is not A Usual Ballet Performance! Believe You Me, You Won’t Hold Your Laughter Back!


In most cases, bravos, cheers and claps are known to elicit the audience when they are given a ballet performance. Even though that is the case, it is a rare occurrence for ballerinas to be accorded with chuckles and laughs from those watching them perform.  That normality changes for those watching a live performance in Austria within the Vienna State Opera.

Rare and interesting skills are exhibited by the performers which make it irresistible for the audience to hold back their joy back while watching. They have one of the best and humorous body co-ordinations which when watched; make the viewer express how he or she feels about them.

You will never want this video to come to its end when you start watching it. Partly because every move the performers do is new and interesting!  They must be really enjoying themselves. What a talent to have and what a way to express it!

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