A Ticket Is Given To This Girl By The Cop. You Will Be Shocked By The Turn Of Events!


I have always tensed up whenever driving past a cop.  Though I’m one of those who love abiding by the law, I sometimes feel I might have committed something wrong whenever I see a cop.

After failing to stop at a stopping sign, one high schooler by the name Audra Daniloff was stopped by a police officer. Within this video, you will see the kind of fear that creeps into her when the officer gave her a ticket. Can you guess what this ticket is all about? Watch and see!

Her dad has arranged for this surprise with the officer without her knowledge.

Audra had gone through bad times over the year since she had been diagnosed with HLH or Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis. She has been in and out of several hospitals to seek for treatment for this disease that attacks the immune system.

The dad wanted to give her a gift to remember as a way of making her happy and forget the hard times she had gone through. Surely, she will live to remember this!

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At minute 1:06, see why Audra tells the cop, “You’re my favorite cop in the entire world.”


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