Two Hummingbirds Having Supper Are Joined With A Flock Of Their Mates. What They Do Is So Interesting!


Nature is really beautiful as demonstrated in the following video. After watching it, you will definitely accept. It starts with the sun setting, and the hummingbird feeder at the forefront.

In front there are two beautiful hummingbirds drinking sugaredwater. The environment around them is calm as they enjoy their supper. The active movement of their wings rhymes so well with the video setting.

After a few moments the wing flapping gets louder. The two birds definitely get a companion who is the third hummingbird getting in sight. Later on the flapping keeps increasing and increasing.

In a matter of seconds, there is a flock of birds busy with the feeding section, while flapping their wings 70 revolutions per second. This is surely why they feed on a lot of sugar to maintain their energy which they use in wing flapping!
With their squeaks, this flock of birds seem to be fond of the photographer who filmed the video. The person who is in charge of feeding them confessed that he pours lots of pounds of sugar every single week!

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