This Veteran Heard An Amber Alert And Decided To Act, The Result Was A Brave Rescue!


Facing danger head-on is something veteran Stephen Adams had become used to. He had learnt to scan the surrounding world for possible dangers and is ever vigilant –thanks to the armed forces’ training.
On this day, he was driving down a new road when he heard an “Amber Alert.” Though many usually ignore such alerts, he paid attention. The warming stated that a 2-year old kid had been kidnapped by a suspected killer. The name of the kid was BrooklynneEnix and her mother had been killed by the kidnapper.
While Adams was in the lookout for an exit, he saw there was some hand waving from the vehicle in front of him. To make matters worse, the waving girl and the driver perfectly fitted the description, and the license plate of the car was not from the state.

He took his phone and called 911 and kept following the car while at the same time updating the 911 dispatcher. Fortunately, the murderer was stopped and the girl rescued without any incident. Though the family is still mourning the loss of the mother, they are thankful that the brave veteran was able to save the little girl.
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