There is a video of a nun doing something incredible, and millions of people are falling for it!


I love nuns.

Nuns are dedicated people who have given up their lives to serving God and the community. You’ll find beautiful nuns clad in their largely conspicuous regalia taking part in and even initiating numerous communal functions in various parts of the world. These people are blessed!

That’s why this video is trending with millions of views from people all around the globe. In the video is one nice nun, Sister Margaret Ann, attached to the Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School. After the devastating Hurricane Irma swept across her neighborhood, Sister Ann grabbed a chain-saw and went out to help. In the video, you cansee her dealing with a tree to free up the space and help in rebuilding the neighborhood. She works hard, and she demands nothing in return. Such a pure soul!

The clip was taken by an off-duty cop. Just watch it and love her.

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