So glad they were rescued! How could anyone just dump these precious babies!


This heart warming video tells the story of Dee-Dee, Nessie and Charlie; three dogs who were cruelly dumped by their owner. A woman witnessed a man dumping three dogs in her neighbourhood and then driving away. She called hope for paws rescue centre and they came and rescued the dogs.

Two of the dogs who were named Dee-Dee and Nessie were very scared. They wouldn’t let anyone near them so they had be be cornered with the help of a plastic fence. The rescuers were then able to put leads over their necks and pick them up. The dogs look terrified but are a bit happier when they see their friend Charlie.

Charlie is slightly more friendly and is wagging is tail. He is encourage to follow the other dogs into a neighbours house. A small boy helps out by closing the door once Charlie is inside. The dogs are then taken to the rescue centre where they are check by a vet and are given a lot of care and attention. Hopefully they have now found loving new homes.

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