When His Beloved Dog Walked Off The Plane, This Man Lost It. Touching!


If you genuinely love your pet, then you know it will be the worst moment if you learn that it has disappeared without any trace. Pets are now part of our family and our love towards them knows no bounds. With that in mind, the animal-human bonds can endure hardship, distance and time. That means achieving the impossible is not a surprise.

David Kareken was with his family when they visited the Quetico Provincial Park, which is located in Canada, when the unexpected happened. A river’s fast moving water swept up Kali, their treasured dog. Though they saw it happen, they couldn’t do anything as they watched her being drifted further by the waters. They concluded that Kali could not survive the tragedy and drove home full of sadness.

After two weeks, the family that lives in North Carolina got a call. Park officials had rescued the dog and David had to driver for 20 hours to meet their missing dog.

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